Scientists drill into Earth’s Mantle

China overtakes US economy

Tokamak ST40 fusion reactor goes online, fails


Big One hits California, 8.1 Magnitude Earthquake

First commercial space flights for super rich

UK leaves European Union

Larson B ice shelf collapses

Stratobus drone / satellites first launch

Computers break exaflop barrier

Jordan opens first nuclear power plant

Bionic eye matches human equivalent

China lands on dark side of moon

NASA completes the Unmanned Aerial System Traffic Management (UTM)


First Chinese Moon Landing

Glacier National Park becoming ice free

30,000 commercial UAVs now registered in US

NASA Mars Rover Expedition

Lasers used by US military for first time to combat drones

5G mobile data services launched


Chinese Launch Space Station Tianwe

Streamed shows becomes more prevalent than broadcast shows

Water crisis in southwest US

Wireless Electricity becomes commonplace


India becomes most populous country on Earth

ITER experimental fusion reactor switched on

Antimony begins to run out (batteries and bullets)

Water crisis in Middle East, North Africa and South Asia

ESA and NASA diverts comet 73P (Schwassmann–Wachmann) from its path


Borneo’s rainforest wiped out

Laser driven fusion energy makes progress

Genetic therapy developed as a cure for deafness

50% of population now use wearable 5G permanently connected to the web 

Acoustic shield devices launched to protect cities from Earthquakes

Turkey’s admission status to EU expires


Dirty Bomb let off in Washington DC, thousands killed, US enter war with Iran

Biggest refugee crisis in history cripples Europe and causes Indo-Burma conflict

3D printing becomes mainstream

New prosthetics convey feeling in limbs

Artificial muscles robots generate more mechanical power than human muscles

Global reserves of Indium depleted (LEDs and solar panels)

Turkish Civil War


25% of cars now automated and self-driving

Sarin gas released by drone over Paris killing 36

Vertical Farms become commonplace

Railguns come into use within the military

3D printed human organs for those who can afford it

Drone usage in agriculture becomes prevalent


First Quantum Computers become commercially available as PaaS

Synthetic human genome completed

Maldives completely flooded by storm

First neural shunt developed

Robotic hands match human equivalent

6G mobile space networks launched


Biological device released in Shantou Province, China, 712 killed, US Climate Change Activists blamed

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) dissolved by US government 

Hydrogen fuel cells reach 1 million vehicles

DARPA's Membrane Optical Imager for Real-Time Exploitation (MOIRE) goes into operation

Robot servants become commonplace in most upper middle class households 

RoBees are utilised to pollinate crops to counter declining bee population


Moon base created by International Community

50% of cars now automated, almost all commercial vehicles are self-driving

ISS lifetime extended

Mammoths brought back to life

Printed electronics ubiquitous

Contact lenses with full smart device capability become available for purchase

Hypersonic missiles enter military use

Denmark becomes first country to completely eliminate physical currency

Silent Spring forms


New Austerity

European Union fails

Human like AI becoming reality

Heavy automation of retail market

Lake Chad disappears

Ghost Wars begin between US, Russia and China

The first immortal mouse is created

Global reserves of Silver depleted (Solar Power, nanotechnology)

End of wrinkles for those that can afford it

Silent Spring merges with Earth Liberation Front


Global Unemployment rate hits 30%

Half of US shopping malls now closed

Hyper fast crime scene analysis

New desalination techniques developed

8 billion people on Earth barrier broken

Shanghai stock market overtakes Wall Street

3D housing used extensively in re-housing those arriving in cities

Artificial blood produced

New graphene smart lenses hit the market


Quantum Super Computers go online

Chocolate becomes a luxury

Bangkok abandoned to flooding

DNA profiling now takes seconds

Autonomous Robotic Ethical Decision Making (ARiD) algorithmic processes allowed into robotic vehicles

Mutated Yellow Fever outbreak in Memphis, TN