Setting Rules


This setting and all contained within is done so within the Savage Worlds core ruleset.

Published Setting Rules

Critical Failure setting rule applies

Unpublished Setting Rules

Bennies: As the sessions are relatively short (2-2.5 hours) I didn’t want to refresh bennies at the beginning of every session so they are refreshed at natural break points in the game


Gritty Damage: I am using hit locations at all times (but not gritty damage), effect of hit on location as per called shot

Encumbrance: Simplified Encumbrance are taken from Zadmar's Simplified encumbrance rules ( as provided by Richard Woolcock

Lifestyle: Lifestyle rules are taken from Interface Zero

Edges & Hindrances

Most Edges & Hindrances are taken from the core rules, however a number are taken from other locations such as published settings and Savagepedia.

Character Rank

All characters started at Seasoned level


This section contains a number o documetns that were produced for this setting that cover some of the information on this site in more detail, and expand upon the existing setting framework.

Player Background (pdf)


Session Zero (pdf)


Gear (pdf)